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A decorater-based backport of PEP-3107 function annotations to Python 2.7, and related tools
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anodi: The Agoraplex Annotations Toolkit

anodi [1] is a decorator-based backport of PEP 3107, function annotations, to Python 2.7, along with a limited set of tools based on those annotations (e.g.,, which hoists annotations into the docstring, for the Sphinx autodoc extension to find).

[1]Etymology: The Welsh for annotation is anodi (according to Google Translate). It won out over translations to other languages because it's short, and phonetically (and, thus, mnemonically), related. It's also a tribute to my friend, Allen Briggs, who passed away, unexpectedly, in March of 2012. Allen was an amateur student of Welsh, when he wasn't busy maintaining the mac68k port of NetBSD, or, as a consequence of his *BSD work, being credited in iOS.
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