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Collection of useful scripts

Copyright (C) 2010-2016 A. Gordon (

Available scripts

  • atexpand - like 'expand', but with auto-tab width detection.
  • atless - like 'less', but with auto-tab width detection.
  • auto-build-install - downloads,builds,install a tarball from http/ftp/s3/git
  • create-ssha-passwd - creates SSHA-encoded password lines (e.g. for NGINX)
  • detect_tab_stops - help script to detect proper tab width.
  • dict - like 'dict', but pipes to 'less'.
  • dudirs - friendlier output of 'du'.
  • easyjoin - combines 'sort' + 'join' into one quick script.
  • filetype_size_breakdown - summarize file usage by file type.
  • list_columns - shows names and number of columns in a tabular file.
  • make_balloon - easily create big empty files.
  • multijoin - combine multiple files using shared key.
  • nfs_iostat - wrapper for NFS statistics of iostat.
  • pss - 'ps' with nicer output and easy filtering.
  • ppsx - copy user+hostname+fullpath of file/dir to clipboard.
  • psx - copy fullpath of file/dir to clipboard.
  • rsx - copy rsync-compatible URL of file/dir to clipboard.
  • run-with-log - run a program, log stdout/err to file, email log on errors.
  • setup-bind-mount-chroot - easily create chroot directories mirroring the host.
  • sort-header - wrapper for GNU sort, with header line support.
  • sum_file_sizes - sum the size of files.
  • sumcol - sum the values in a column of input file.
  • tawk - AWK wrapper, with input/output field separators set to TAB.
  • tardir - packs current directory into a time-stamped tarball.
  • tuniq - UNIQ wrapper, with TAB output.
  • xtime - xtime wrapper, with friendlier output.
  • xxcat - 'cat' wrapper, with auto de-compression of gzip/bzip2/xz files.


Quick and Dirty:

sudo apt-get install -yqq automake autoconf make git curl
curl | sh

Using the released tarball version ( ):

tar -xzvf gordon-bin-scripts-X.Y.Z.tar.gz
cd gordon-bin-scripts-X.Y.Z
sudo make install

Using the GIT repository:

git clone git://
cd bin_scripts
sudo make install

When using HomeBrew/LinuxBrew:

brew install --HEAD


See here: