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d3 export demo

This is a proof-of-concept demo for saving d3js graphics as PDF/PNG/SVG files.


CGI takes incoming SVG serialization. Use graphics toolkit to open SVG serialization as input, output PNG or PDF as output.

This perl implementation just performs a system call on rsvg-convert, nothing specific to perl.


See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4809194/convert-svg-image-to-png-with-php for another nice overview. We just run rsvg-convert man rsvg


See here for more details: * https://github.com/agordon/d3export_demo

See here for online demo: http://d3export.housegordon.org/

Implementation in other languages

Several people have implemented the CGI portion in other languages:


Copyright (C) 2012,2014 by A. Gordon (assafgordon@gmail.com)

All code written by me is released under BSD license: http://opensource.org/licenses/BSD-3-Clause (also uses several other libraries that have their own licenses).