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Rainy for iOS ☔️

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A screenshot of RainyA screenshot of RainyA screenshot of Rainy

☔️ Rainy is a nice-looking, rain-oriented weather app for iOS, written in Swift. Basically, the ideal tool if you live in a place like Vancouver. Currently available for download on the iOS App Store.

Rainy is über-cool because:

  • It is light on your iPhone/iPad/iNextThingy. The entire source code + image and font assets package is only 1.2 MB, saving space on your iOS device.
  • It has a pretty privacy-aware API! Rainy fetches your weather from a caching and clustering proxy written in Go and managed by me. It is hosted on Heroku at This means that your queries are aggregated with other Rainy users, so cannot know who is asking for which location. This also allows me to reduce costs as I can aggregate multiple queries for the same location by caching results that are still recent, reusing them across users.
  • It is GDPR-compliant! Meaning: it merely performs a single HTTPS request to get your weather. No BS, no analytics frameworks, no advertisements, no pinging unknown Chinese ad networks that deliver personalized noodles recommendations. 🍜 [Version 2.0 adds, but it is exclusively opt-in, and disabled by default.]

The app was open-sourced on September 3rd, 2018.