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The current version of the Pure interpreter can be downloaded here:

The release notes and all files pertaining to the current release can be viewed here. Besides the source and documentation tarballs, this also includes the Windows "one-click" installer, and repository snapshots in tar.gz and zip formats. When downloading the Windows installer, please make sure to first read our Pure on Windows wiki page (at least the section on the One-Click Installer), which gives detailed instructions on how to install the required msys2 environment (you'll need to do that first).

Current development sources are available in the git repository. Older releases can still be found on Bitbucket. The Addons page has descriptions and download links for Pure's official collection of addon library modules, utilities and plugins. When compiling from source, please also check our Getting Started page for installation instructions. (If you need something more comprehensive, the manual has very detailed instructions.)

Ready-made packages of the interpreter and addons are available on all major platforms:

Please also check the main wiki page for more information about ports and packages for other systems and distributions not mentioned here.

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