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jQuery Brazzers Carousel

Lightweight, responsive thumbnails hover carousel plugin for Blogs & Online Stores


How To Use Plugin

1) Plug in CSS: <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/jQuery.Brazzers-Carousel.min.css">

2) Plug in jQuery: <script href="js/jQuery.js"></script>

3) Plug in Brazzers Carousel JS: <script href="js/jQuery.Brazzers-Carousel.min.js"></script>

4) Add HTML Markup with images of the same proportions:

<span class="thumb-item">
    <img src="img/image-1.jpg" alt="Alt">
    <img src="img/image-2.jpg" alt="Alt">
    <img src="img/image-3.jpg" alt="Alt">

5) Start the plug-in:

Or install NPM: npm i brazzers-carousel.

Download Plugin: