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This is a tweaked replacement for the official Debian Rails package.  Installing this
single package should produce a machine capable of running Scvngr's various Rails 

It's being made publicly available in hopes that others might find it interesting.

This is definitely a work in progress, and probably badly broken at the moment.

Vague Installation steps

1) Ensure that your local cache of apt info is up-to-date.

  apt-get update

2) Install development tools

  apt-get install debhelper

3) Build the .deb

  cd ~/path/to/scvngr-rails
  make debs
  sudo make debs-install

4) You will get an error, since dpkg does not install dependencies.  Fix it with:

  apt-get -f install

5) First time / optional step: ensure you can call gems from the command-line

  echo "export PATH=/var/lib/gems/1.8/bin:$PATH" >> ~/.bashrc

6) Good to go!