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AGRC JavaScript Project Boilerplate

Node.js CI

To Use

Step 1 - Boilerplate

Checkout repository and install dependencies

git clone
cd atlas
npm install

Duplicate the .env-cmdrc.template.json file and rename it as .env-cmdrc.json and update the properties with your data

Step 2 - Develop & Test

Execute npm start to start a web server and view the website

Open src/App.js to view the development version of the app.

Build an awesome app.

Execute npm test to run tests

Step 3 - Optimize

Execute npm run build:prod to create an optimized production build

The files will be placed in /build

Execute serve -s build to view the website

Step 4 - Deploy

One-time tasks:

  • Update the analytics code in public/index.html
  • Create and populate .env-cmdrc.json based on .env-cmdrc.template.json

Tasks to be completed for each release:

  • Semantically update the package.json version
  • Update public/changelog.html
  • Verify all tests are passing (npm test)
  • Run a build and test (npm run build:prod)
  • Deploy website (npm run deploy:prod)
  • Create release commit (git commit -m 'chore: Release vx.x.x)
  • Create tag (git tag vx.x.x)
  • Push commits and tag to github (git push origin && git push origin --tags)


A WASM MIME type that is used in the Esri JS API (geometry engine) is defined in web.config. This will cause a server error in IIS if you have the same type defined in a parent directory. If you experience this error you will need to remove one of the duplicate MIME type definitions.