AGRC's boilerplate for JavaScript applications.
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AGRC JavaScript Project Boilerplate

Dojo config based heavily upon:

To Use

Step 1 - Boilerplate

git clone
cd atlas
npm install

Step 2 - Develop

Open src/index.html to view the development version of the app.

Build an awesome app.

Run grunt to automatically lint your files and run unit tests (see _SpecRunner.html for unit tests).

Step 3 - Optimize

Check out to prepare to run grunt build-stage or grunt build-prod. This will use the dojo build system to create an optimized version of your app in the dist directory that you can then upload to your server.

Step 4 - Deploy

Create a secrets.json file using secrets.sample.json as a template. Run grunt deploy-stage or grunt deploy-prod to deploy your app to the server.

Tool Versions

See package.json for dependency versions.


The build script uses a special AMD build of the ESRI api to get all modules into a single built layer file (dojo/dojo.js).

Before beginning development make sure to run:

npm install

to bring in all required dependencies.

A WASM MIME type that is used in the Esri JS API (geometry engine) is defined in web.config. This will cause a server error in IIS if you have the same type defined in a parent directory. If you experience this error you will need to remove one of the duplicate MIME type definitions.