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The website for crash Essentially we are looking for something that contains the same functionality as


  1. Make sure Web Deploy 3.5 is installed via Web Platform Installer
  2. Make sure ssh is installed and configured on the machine to be deployed to.
  3. Create c:\inetpub\wwwroot\crash folder
  4. Create c:\inetpub\crash\api folder
  5. Create api application inside crash folder in IIS with a 4.0 app pool pointed at the crash\api folder.
  6. Web Deploy
  7. Update secrets.json
  8. grunt build-{configuration} and grunt deploy-{configuration}
  9. publish mxd as Crash/Crashes
  10. set {"standardizedQueries": "false"} in system > properties on the admin panel.
  11. restart server process if the prior wasn't set.

Testing Url