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An minimum boilerplate that has configured a native app running also on the web in the same monorepo. For a thorough discussion, please read the following blog post about developing a cross platform app with react in a monorepo

This has been done as an experiment and it is in an early stage, comments and feedback welcome!


This boilerplate attempts to make another step in order to have it by using react-native and react-native-web in different package.json files.

Quick start

git clone --depth 1


lerna it is used to hoist dependencies from a project root and speed up the development while splitting the platform from the code

## it cleans node_modules
npm run clean
## it installs dependencies
npm install
## it installs symlinks
npm run bootstrap 

More info

Related projects

  • yarn-workspaces-cra-crna explains how to use yarn workspaces with Create React App and Create React Native App (Expo) to share common code across.



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