AgreementMaker Ontology Matching System
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AgreementMaker Ontology Matching System

AgreementMaker is an ontology matching system was started by the ADVIS Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago, under the supervision of Professor Isabel F. Cruz.

It has competed multiple times in the Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative and presented impressive results.

The currently supported version of AgreementMaker is under the AgreementMaker-OSGi directory.



Sample Ontologies

We can use the OAEI 2012 ontology dataset for matching from the 2012 OAEI Campaign page.

  1. Download and unzip the
  2. Start AgreementMaker with ./mvnw pax:provision.

In AgreementMaker:

  1. Navigate to File -> Open Ontologies... (Ctrl + O).
  2. In the Source Ontology tab, check the Load Ontology box, select the benchmarks/101/onto.rdf file, and set the language to OWL.
  3. In the Target Ontology tab, check the Load Ontology box, select the benchmarks/201/onto.rdf file, and set the language to OWL.
  4. Click Proceed, and Ok on the dialogs.

Now to match the ontologies:

  1. Click the Match! button in the Matching Tasks Control Panel.
  2. Notice that Base Similarity Matcher is selected in the Matching Algorithm tab.
  3. Click Run Matching Task to match the ontologies.