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Gregson laboratory respository

Introduction to the Protocols Branch

This branch contains the protocols that are more or less up-to-date and used in the laboratory.

Printing Individual Protocols

Each file is in github markdown formatting. I had previously maintained pdf versions of each file for printing, but I have found an easier way. Visit the protocol page that you wish to print and in the web address change

'' to ''

A formatted pdf will be downloaded. (see for further details if desired)


To clone just this branch, do:

<<<<<<< HEAD git clone git:// --branch protocols --single-branch protocolsLocal

These can be checked out individually, so we may just keep most of the separate projects as branches to make cloning cleaner. Maybe that is not necessary. For now we have the following branches:

1. lsrii
This contains references for running flow and optimizing the LSR II cytometer at the core. 
2. facscan
This contains mostly historical references for panels and running the the modified, five-color, FACScan cytometer.
3. protocols
This branch contains our most active and up-to-date protocols.
4. gh-pages
    This is for any wiki pages, but there are only placeholders for now.