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automatic bot names for SourceMod
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Automatic Bot Names

This is a simple plugin for SourceMod that gives names to bots when
they are created. It is known to work under Team Fortress 2 and
Counter Strike: Source. It certainly does *not* work under Left 4 Dead
(2) and INS servers.

I wrote this plugin to change the hardcoded names for TF2 smart
bots. And yes, I'm aware that CS:S has a file for bot names. That's
not the problem this was written to fix.

Quick Start

If you have to, build `botnames.smx`. Then, put `botnames.smx` into
your SourceMod plugins folder, and copy `botnames.txt` into
`addons/sourcemod/configs/`. Edit `botnames.txt` to your liking:
Comments start with `//` or `#`.


`botnames.sp`, `botnames.txt`, the Makefile, and this README are all
public domain. Do with them what you will.

More Information

For more information, and more extensive documentation, see:
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