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generate a useful version from tags, revisions and dirtiness
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This script attempts to generate a useful version number
in a git or mercurial repository using tags, revisions and
dirtiness.  For example, consider a simple untagged repo:

    $ mkdir foo
    $ cd foo
    $ git init
    $ touch README
    $ git add README
    $ git commit -m "first commit"
    $ tagver

If there aren't any tags in a repo, tagver prepends 0.0 to
the changeset number.  Now let's tag a revision for release
and try again:

    $ git tag v1.0
    $ tagver

If there's a "v" on the front of the tag, tagver assumes
it's extraneous. Now add an untagged revision:

    $ echo >> README
    $ git commit -am "second commit"
    $ tagver

and another:

    $ echo >> README
    $ git commit -am "third commit"
    $ tagver

You get the idea. What happens if we have uncommitted
changes lying around?

    $ echo >> README
    $ tagver

Note the trailing + indicating a dirty working directory.
And now let's make a new release:

    $ git commit -am "fourth commit"
    $ git tag v1.1
    $ tagver

vim: tw=60
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