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A command-line tool for generating Sony A7RIII Pixel-Shift ARQ files
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A tool for generating Sony A7RIII Pixel-Shift ARQ files


This is a simple command-line script to combine 4 source ARW files taken in Pixel Shift Multi Shooting mode with a Sony A7RIII camera and save the result as a pseudo-ARQ file, similarly to what Sony's Imaging Edge would do. The generated file is a "pseudo-ARQ" in the sense that it will have the same data layout as proper ARQ files generated by Sony's Imaging Edge, but the metadata will be different. As such, the files will not be compatible with Sony's software. They can however be processed by RawTherapee.


  • Python (tested with 2.7);

  • exiftool, which must be in your PATH;

  • tifffile

  • numpy

  • Optional, but highly recommended: a C compiler and the Python libraries and headers to use the C implementation of the main routine of the script. This will give a speedup of about 10x compared to the pure-Python implementation. The extension module can be built with python build_ext --inplace.

Example usage

$ python file1.ARW file2.ARW file3.ARW file4.ARW -o out.ARQ


GPL v3

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