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Sample Clojure webapp running on clever-cloud


There is no official clojure & leiningen support at the moment on clever-cloud, even if I'm sure that this is totally on track? 😃.

But it's really easy to achieve it by building locally (or Jenkins or whatever) and using the JAR deployement support of clever-cloud.


You will need Java and Leiningen installed on your machine, but if you are already a fan of Clojure, you got this covered.

Create the application


lein compojure new app

Edit the app

Then just for fun, bump some versions, in order to use bleeding edge state-of-the-art fully unicorn-approved awesome technology.

Edit project.clj:

(defproject app "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"
  :description "FIXME: write description"
  :url ""
  :min-lein-version "2.0.0"
  :dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.9.0-alpha5"]
                 [compojure "1.5.1"]      
                 [ring/ring-defaults "0.2.1"]
                 [ring/ring-jetty-adapter "1.5.0"]   
                 [ring "1.5.0"]]                     
  :plugins [[lein-ring "0.9.7"]]
  :ring {:handler app.handler/app}
  {:dev {:dependencies [[javax.servlet/servlet-api "2.5"]
                        [ring/ring-mock "0.3.0"]]}}
  :main app.handler)

We will need a standalone JAR, in order to do that, our handler namespace needs to generate a Java class using (:gen-class) and we need a main method that starts jetty on port 8080 (default port for a clever-cloud application).

Edit src/app/handler.clj:

(ns app.handler
  (:require [compojure.core :refer :all]
            [compojure.route :as route]
            [compojure.handler :as handler]
            [ring.adapter.jetty :as jetty]]))

(defroutes app-routes
  (GET "/" [] "Hello World")
  (route/not-found "Not Found"))

(def app
  (handler/site app-routes))

(defn -main [& args]
  (jetty/run-jetty app {:port 8080}))

clever-cloud specifics

As explained on the clever-cloud docs regarding JAR deployment, add a jar.json file to the clevercloud/ directory:

cat <<EOF > clevercloud/jar.json
  "deploy": {
    "jarName": "target/app-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT-standalone.jar"

That way, clever-cloud knows what JAR to deploy & run.

That's it

Yes, that's all there is to it.


lein uberjar
# add the jar to repository
git add -f target/app-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT-standalone.jar
git push -u origin master


Go sign-in or create an account on clever-cloud then load your personal dashbord.

Add an application

Create an application from a Github repository

Select Java + Maven

Newly created java applications run on java 8 by default. You can set the java version with the JAVA_VERSION environment variable.

Edit the instance (if you want)

By default it will select an XS instance, for such a hello world application, I will select a pico instance.

Click the EDIT button:

Click the pico circle button, then NEXT:

Create the application

Click the CREATE button:

Select your addons

For this simple hello world app I click I DON'T NEED ANY ADD-ON:

Start the application

Click the play button under This app is currently stopped:

Then click the read logs link above that pretty little orange circle:

Wait for the build to success

Wait for the app to deploy

Check that the application is UP

If you can see that little comforting green circle:

Open the application

Click that Open the application button:


You're awesome.


  • The uberjar can become large.
  • You have to build locally and push that artifact.

Hopefully clever-cloud will support clojure and leiningen soon enough? 😃


I'm not at all affiliated with clever-cloud even if I find @waxzce, @clementd and the rest of the clever-cloud team totally awesome for what they have built so far 😎