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High-performance connection pool for PostgreSQL
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pgagroal is a high-performance protocol-native connection pool for PostgreSQL.

Pronounced: p-g-a-gro-al, named after Agroal in Portugal.


  • High performance
  • Connection pool
  • Limit connections for users and databases
  • Prefill support
  • Remove idle connections
  • Perform connection validation
  • Graceful / fast shutdown
  • Daemon mode
  • User vault

See Getting Started on how to get started with pgagroal.

See Configuration on how to configure pgagroal.

See Performance for a performance run.


pgagroal makes use of

  • Process model
  • Shared memory model across processes
  • libev for fast network interactions
  • Atomic operations are used to keep track of state
  • The PostgreSQL native protocol v3 for its communication

See Architecture for the architecture of pgagroal.

Tested platforms

Compiling the source

pgagroal requires

dnf install gcc cmake make libev libev-devel openssl openssl-devel python3-docutils

Alternative clang 8+ can be used.

Release build

The following commands will install pgagroal in the /usr/local hierarchy and run the default configuration.

git clone
cd pgagroal
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local ..
sudo make install
/usr/local/bin/pgagroal -c /usr/local/etc/pgagroal/pgagroal.conf -a /usr/local/etc/pgagroal/pgagroal_hba.conf

See RPM for how to build a RPM of pgagroal.

Debug build

The following commands will create a DEBUG version of pgagroal.

git clone
cd pgagroal
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug ..
cd src
cp ../../doc/etc/*.conf .
./pgagroal -c pgagroal.conf -a pgagroal_hba.conf

Remember to set the log_level configuration option to debug5.


Contributions to pgagroal are managed on

Contributions are most welcome !

Consider giving the project a star on GitHub if you find it useful.



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