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pgagroal performance

Performance is an important goal for pgagroal and effort have been made to make pgagroal scale and use a limited number of resources.

This report describe pgagroal in relationship to 3 other PostgreSQL connection pool implementations, which we will call a, b and c.

The pgbench program was used in the runs. All pool configurations were made with performance in mind.

All diagrams are using the same identifier for the connection pool in question, so a is a in all diagrams and so on.

The runs were performed on RHEL 7.7 / EPEL / DevTools 8 based machines on 10G network. All connection pools were the latest versions as of January 14, 2020. pgagroal was using the epoll mode of libev.


This run uses

pgbench -M simple

pgbench simple


This run uses

pgbench -M extended

pgbench extended


This run uses

pgbench -M prepared

pgbench prepared


This run uses

pgbench -S -M prepared

pgbench readonly


Please, run your own benchmarks to see how pgagroal compare to your existing connection pool deployment.