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Update rakefile with the new path to Gallio.Echo.exe

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1 parent 5b0da29 commit 3970ef9204e9c3e181cb544cff6fbe5a3c4aea77 @nielshanberg nielshanberg committed with
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  1. +1 −1 rakefile.rb
2 rakefile.rb
@@ -174,7 +174,7 @@ def build (msbuild_options, config)
task :run do
puts 'Running Gallio tests...'
- sh "Tools/Gallio/v3.3.454/Gallio.Echo.exe", "#{configatron.out_dir}/Tests/Gallio/Machine.Specifications.GallioAdapter.Tests.dll", "/plugin-directory:#{configatron.out_dir}", "/r:Local"
+ sh "Tools/Gallio/bin/Gallio.Echo.exe", "#{configatron.out_dir}/Tests/Gallio/Machine.Specifications.GallioAdapter.Tests.dll", "/plugin-directory:#{configatron.out_dir}", "/r:Local"

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