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Remote configuration of a LIO-based storage appliance
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Remote configuration of a LIO-based storage appliance

targetd turns Linux into a remotely-configurable storage appliance. It supports an HTTP/jsonrpc-2.0 interface to let a remote administrator allocate volumes from an LVM volume group, and export those volumes over iSCSI.

Current Status

targetd is pre-alpha, and contributions are welcome! It is licensed under the GPLv3. Please use for discussion. Source repo and bug tracking is at

NOTE: targetd is PRE-ALPHA, STORAGE-RELATED software. Do NOT use around valuable data!

Getting Started

targetd has these Python library dependencies:

All of these are available in Fedora Rawhide.

Configuring targetd

A configuration file may be placed at /etc/target/targetd.yaml, and is in YAML format. Here's an example:

pool_name: test
user: "foo" # strings quoted, or not
password: bar
ssl: false

targetd defaults to using the "vg-targetd" volume group, and username 'admin' password 'targetd' for the HTTP jsonrpc interface.

Then, run sudo ./ is a basic testing script, to get started making API calls.

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