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Remote configuration of a LIO-based storage appliance

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Remote configuration of a LIO-based storage appliance

targetd turns Linux into a remotely-configurable storage appliance. It supports an HTTP/jsonrpc-2.0 interface to let a remote administrator allocate volumes from an LVM volume group, and export those volumes over iSCSI.

Current Status

targetd is pre-alpha, and contributions are welcome! It is licensed under the GPLv3. Please use for discussion. Source repo and bug tracking is at

Getting Started

targetd has these Python library dependencies:

All of these are available in Fedora Rawhide.

Configuring targetd

targetd defaults to using the "test" volume group, and username 'foo' password 'bar' for the HTTP jsonrpc interface. Overrides to these defaults may be placed in /etc/target/targetd.json:

    # this is a comment. comments must be on their own line.
    "pool_name" : "test",
    "user" : "foo",
    "password" : "bar",
    "ssl" : false,
    "target_name" : ""

Then, run sudo ./

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