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Robonomics-2018 Day 2

Robonomics Ethereum fork and Smart Contracts


Install Geth

You can do it with usual way described in the [Geth project Github] OR, in honour of the decentralized p2p mesh networks, let's get it from the IPFS

$ ipfs get QmTaTVFA5jrkngQks9YEugtHodRNKHEsG1qwSCByQjSw1U

Geth Init on Robonomics network

Get genesis.json from the Robonomics 2018: network resources spreadsheet

$ mkdir robonomics2018
$ geth --datadir ./robonomics2018 --networkid 63  init genesis.json

$ geth --datadir ./robonomics2018 --networkid 63 console

Create an Ethereum account

> personal.newAccount('qwe')

> admin.addPeer("enode://8753ced723978dd965b68d482b57e46c3eee5c98974edeb6888b1796e74b4ffe22e7aaeeb61293a25ce0d8ce148fa81178414f785cd507f3e4ea417ddad5b3c5@[fca2:d099:c448:8666:e3f1:f39e:aad0:ea07]:30303")

> admin.addPeer("enode://d17b3ea4d97974bc24ddab78add7aad4fd80f9cb95187d29efd43221fee7874b833a182575c6b6eceb6b9297680497c3a3ab8ab87a1c2b581d0d64176365cf68@[fc52:735:525b:7aa:3450:3b0b:e03f:6d1f]:30303")

Start Geth Node

$ geth --datadir ./robonomics2018 --networkid 63 --bootnodes ""enode://8753ced723978dd965b68d482b57e46c3eee5c98974edeb6888b1796e74b4ffe22e7aaeeb61293a25ce0d8ce148fa81178414f785cd507f3e4ea417ddad5b3c5@[fca2:d099:c448:8666:e3f1:f39e:aad0:ea07]:30303,enode://d17b3ea4d97974bc24ddab78add7aad4fd80f9cb95187d29efd43221fee7874b833a182575c6b6eceb6b9297680497c3a3ab8ab87a1c2b581d0d64176365cf68@[fc52:735:525b:7aa:3450:3b0b:e03f:6d1f]:30303"" --mine --minerthreads 1 --rpc console

> personal.unlockAccount(eth.accounts[0], "qwe", 0)

Wait the Node to get synced with the Robonomics network (Ethereum fork)

Get The AIRA robonomics smart contracts

$ git clone

Compile & Deploy contracts

$ truffle migrate

Setup the Contracts

Lighthouse is the major contract in the Robonomics stack: it matches the Ask orders for the robot jobs (coming from customers) with the Bid orders coming from the robots. (See [AIRA docs](aira docs) for more info)

truffle --network robonomics2018 console

Get the XRT token (AIRA token used in Robonomics)

> xrt ="0xFAc8dFd86E64a59b4A3572469fBb20c4C3793990")
> xrt.transfer(web3.eth.accounts[1], 10000)
> xrt.balanceOf(web3.eth.accounts[0])

Get the Lighthouse contract instance

> tx = factory.createLighthouse(1000, 10, "test")
> tx.then(x => x.logs)
> l ='0x849a78e703c39948e77603609b644cbeb3f565b3')

Approve the Lighhouse to spend the customer's tokens

> xrt.approve(l.address,1000)

Check the spending allowance

> xrt.allowance(web3.eth.accounts[0],l.address)

Add a worker to the Lighthouse

> l.refill(1000)


> l.quotaOf(web3.eth.accounts[1])

ROS install method 1

sudo sh -c 'echo "deb $(lsb_release -sc) main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ros-latest.list'

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv-key 421C365BD9FF1F717815A3895523BAEEB01FA116

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install ros-melodic-desktop-full