Codename: Eureka is an under development simulation / strategy colony construction game based on an extraterrestrial planet. We're hoping it won't be too sci-fi and should be very accessible to anyone who likes colony construction / simulation games. It's entirely browser based, and the plan is for it to be a fully native, Chrome Packaged App (s…
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#Intro Codename: Eureka is the working title for a space colony sim I've been working on for a little while

The web is most certainly the future (and arguably the present) of computing, but when it comes to games there's still something lacking. The vast majority (arguably all) modern browser based games are what could be considered "casual", the type of game designed to be played for short periods of time, with little personal investment in the experience over a longer period of time. While I love casual games, I also love marshmallows - that doesn't mean marshmallows should be all I eat.

With Codename: Eureka, we on the team are hoping to provide a richer, more in-depth and engaging game.

Mainly prototypes for the moment until design has progressed more. If it sounds like something you'd like to take part in, please get in touch! This is not just about code, we need creative writers, artists, musical types - any skill you have could be useful.