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A low-calorie library for managing DNS zones

import localzone

with localzone.manage("") as z:
    r = z.add_record("greeting", "TXT", "hello, world!")    # the record name, i.e. "greeting"
    r.rdtype  # the record type, i.e. "TXT"
    r.content # the record content, i.e. "hello," "world!"

Powered by dnspython.


  • A simple API focused on managing resource records in local zone files
  • Support for almost all resource record types
  • Auto-save and auto-serial
  • Built for automation

Installing localzone

$ pip install localzone

Raison d'être

Comprehensive, low-level DNS toolkits can be cumbersome for the more common zone management tasks--especially those related to making simple changes to zone records. They can also come with a steep learning curve. Enter localzone: a simple library for managing DNS zones. While localzone may be a low-calorie library, it's stuffed full of everything that a hungry hostmaster needs.


  • BSD
  • Calzone image by sobinsergey from the Noun Project

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Where did the calories go? The likely suspect.