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Finance Management Made Easy
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Webapp based on Django to manage personal finances


There is a demo available. It is regularly updated from the master branch.

Get SilverStrike running on your machine

Setup instructions can be found in on the website. There are instructions for a development setup and others that are more suitable for a production use.


You can contribute in several ways. If you know how to code or are a designer, you are welcome to contribute using pull requests.
If you speak languages other than english, you are welcome to help translate SilverStrike using crowdin. There is a dedicated instance of the demo that can be used to translate inline. You will still need an account at crowdin, but translation should be easier, because of the context.

If nothing of the above suits you, you can still contribute by opening issues about defects and things that could be improved or request entirely new features that you think would help others.

More information can be found here.


SilverStrike is derived from the German name Silberschlag. Silberschlag is the name of a crater on the moon which is named after a German Scientist.

SilverStrike is abbreviated as AgStrike or simply AgS. SilverStrike is pronounced AgS or SilverStrike. An alternative way of writing SilverStrike is silverstrike with no capital letters. Abbreviations have to be written as mentioned here.

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