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Gulp plugin for Dart
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Compile Dart to JavaScript using dart2js


You need install dartsdk at first. Go to for more information.

If you already have it installed and got ENOENT error then read this thread.


$ npm install --save gulp-dart


var gulp = require("gulp");
var dart = require("gulp-dart");

gulp.task("default", function() {
  return gulp
      "dest": "./dist",
      "minify": "true"

Supported dart2js options

checked                  // Insert runtime type checks and enable assertions (checked mode)
minify                   // Generate minified output
verbose                  // Display verbose information
analyze-all              // Analyze all code
analyze-only             // Analyze but do not generate code
analyze-signatures-only  // Skip analysis of method bodies and field initializers
suppress-warnings        // Do not display any warnings
fatal-warnings           // Treat warnings as compilation errors
suppress-hints           // Do not display any hints
enable-diagnostic-colors // Add colors to diagnostic messages
no-source-maps           // Do not generate a source map file
terse                    // Emit diagnostics without suggestions for how to get rid of the diagnosed problems
csp                      // Disables dynamic generation of code in the generated output
preserve-uris            // Preserve the source URIs in the reflection data
show-package-warnings    // Show warnings and hints generated from packages


MIT © Alexander Gudulin

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