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Web Measurements

Also: seeing the internet through browser-based measurements

<script src="/webmeasurements.js"></script>


All it takes is placing the following script on your site. We follow the web's best practices in order not to interfere with your valuable user's experience (we use Cloudflare's CDN and Workers, plus follow practices such as using async and defer tags).

<script src=""></script>

Data Collection

We collect technical information related with

  • your IP address, we anonimize at a /24 for IPv4 and /48 for IPv6 before publishing
  • the ISP you're connected to
  • the browser you're using

We do not collect

  • your browsing activity, including which pages you've been visiting
  • personal related information
  • We honour Do Not Track header. If present, then we'll run no tests at all.

Also, we make use of cookies 🍪, for you not to run the same experiment repeatedly over time, only when needed.

For collaborators

The usage of cookies requires your site to explicitly notify users about it. You've been warned!


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