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AutoProxy - the firefox proxy management add-on
What's New
Version 0.2.0 released at 08, Mar, 2009.
After ability of subscribe to pattern lists, we now can custom the proxy server.
More details see below.
AutoProxy ==
Better FoxyProxy (Use patterns to determine which or none proxy server to be
used when connecting, no need to switch proxy status manually any more.) +
* Better UI -- I think so (AutoProxy is derived from Adblock Plus,
if you like the interface of ABP, you may also like AutoProxy.)
* More efficient -- the truth (matching algorithm has a constant time complexity,
the time used for matching is almost independent from the number of patterns)
Subscribe (Like Adblock Plus. Advanced users can share their patterns to the
whole world/country/school..., while normal users even don't need to know
what a pattern is, just subscribe to a maintained pattern list. Even if people
know well about this, why should we waste our time to write so many duplicate
patterns again and again?) +
Built-in Proxy Server (You also don't trouble to find and run a proxy server,
here is a built-in one. Immediately work after install, no configuration
needed -- Of course, you can turn it off and use other proxies.)
Where and How to Install
Install is very easy, just a click. Like other normal Firefox extensions.
Please move there:
AutoProxy already works well. Include:
* Write your own patterns;
* Subscribe to pattern lists;
* Custom proxy servers;
* ......
But some of it's features are still under development. Include:
* Built-in server;
* Multi Proxies support;
* ......
Chen Ergan <>