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Jekyll Like Archive Page

Create archive page for WordPress in style of Jekyll's minimalistic yet nice.

WordPress archive page is not nice. On the other hand, Jekyll's archive page is so minimalistic yet so nice.

I have tried using WordPress plugins to create this archive page but none of them satisfy me in favor of the minimalistic. And then i saw Jekyll's and got hooked.

I browsed all over Google to search if in any case there were other people who had created WordPress archive page plugins that looks like Jekyll's but there weren't any. So why don't i create it myself?

How to Use It

  1. Install it, of course ;)
  2. Create new page, easy enough :)
  3. On that page use this shortcode to display the archive, so easy :D
  1. Done
  2. Go to settings page if you want to change the color of the texts.


You can see the demo on my own personal blog.

Demo link


On action 1

On action 2

Admin page