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My Stack Problems

This project forked and has been modified from A simple grey theme for Jekyll, and the search posts using Super Search



  • Sitemap and XML Feed
  • Pagination in homepage
  • Posts under category
  • Realtime Search Posts (title & description) by query.
  • Related Posts
  • Highlight pre
  • Next & Previous Post
  • Disqus comment
  • Projects page & Detail Project page
  • Share on social media
  • Google analytics
  • HTML Minify (Compress HTML) using Jekyll Compress HTML


Screenshot Post Page

Install & Configuration

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Edit site settings inside file of _config.yml
  3. Edit your projects at file of, _data/projects.json and inside path of _project/ (for detail project).
  4. Edit about yourself inside file of

How to Use?

a. Add new Category

All categories saved inside path of category/, you can see the existed categories.

b. Add new Posts

  • All posts bassed on markdown syntax (please googling). allowed extensions is *.markdown or *.md.
  • This files can found at the path of _posts/.
  • and the name of files are following <date:%Y-%m-%d>-<slug>.<extension>, for example:

# or


Inside the file of it,

layout: post                          # (require) default post layout
title: "Your Title"                   # (require) a string title
date: 2016-04-20 19:51:02 +0700       # (require) a post date
categories: [python, django]          # (custom) some categories, but makesure these categories already exists inside path of `category/`
tags: [foo, bar]                      # (custom) tags only for meta `property="article:tag"`
image: Broadcast_Mail.png             # (custom) image only for meta `property="og:image"`, save your image inside path of `static/img/_posts`

# your content post with markdown syntax goes here...

Installing in your local

bundle install
jekyll serve


Feel free to open a bug or contribute to code!

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