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The project

This repository has been created to study and illustrate the Design Patterns used in the area of software development.


You can contribute and learn at the same time simply by sending an example of a pattern that you have previously deployed in this way, we could discuss together this implementation, creating a debate on a particular solution.

Important Information

It is important to remember that the examples should be relatively small and objectives, aiming only to show the essence "Design Pattern" implemented here, we do not want to create a "super application" or a very complex code.

Programming Language

You can use the language most comfortable to exemplify its implementation, but remember that the language should have at least one support for Object Orientation.

Suggested Languages

  • Python
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Java
  • Ruby


It is also interesting to have a minimum of organization when we write some code snippet, here are some items that can be considered;

  • Replace "tab" for 4 spacings
  • Reviews that make sense for both you and your friend (in English)
  • This is not the best place to discuss rules of "Standard Code" as Pear (PHP), PEP8 (python) and so on.
  • A user can change the code from someone, but we should clarify the improvements implemented

Common Sense

The "only" goal here is to learn and contribute, not be afraid to make mistakes, no one should "crucify" anyone, just help.

Thank you.