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Dynamic routing daemon for setting up OpenVPN in clouds with disparate IP ranges as described in

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This archive includes cube-routed, a dynamic routing daemon for VcubeV.
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cube-routed is available under Common Public Attribution License
Version 1.0 (CPAL) - please refer to LICENSE.txt (included in this archive)
for the full text of the license. Parts of the script are available
under modified BSD license - please refer to the source code.

- Linux operating system
- Configured OpenVPN server, with management interface enabled
- Python 2.4 or later

- Copy cube-routed to a directory of your choice (for example,
- Adjust the first line of the script ("shebang" line) to point to
    location of Python 2.4 or later on your system

- Create cube-routed confguration file in a directory of your choice
    (e.g., /etc) and give it a name of your choice (e.g., cube1.conf)
	with the following contents:

=== /etc/cube1.conf starts here ===
mgmt_interface = tun1
data_interface = tun0
remote_mgmt_ip =
remote_data_ip =
openvpn_mgmt_pass_file = /etc/openvpn/pass
openvpn_mgmt_port = 5656
cube_routed_port = 5657
=== /etc/cube1.conf ends here ===

- Adjust values of each parameter as follows:
  mgmt_interface - OpenVPN network interface that corresponds to
                   VcubeV management subnet (if not sure, use tun1)
  data_interface - OpenVPN network interface that corresponds to
                   VcubeV data subnet (if not sure, use tun0)
  remote_mgmt_ip - IP address of remote cube-routed instance
                   on management subnet
  remote_data_ip - IP address of remote cube-routed instance
                   on data subnet
  openvpn_mgmt_pass_file - path to OpenVPN management password file
                   based on OpenVPN configuration ("management" command)
                   (e.g.: management tunnel 5656 /etc/openvpn/pass)
  openvpn_mgmt_port - local TCP port of the management interface of _data_ (!)
                   OpenVPN server (the one which provides data_interface)
  cube_routed_port - TCP port on which cube-routed must listen
                   for requests (must be the same on both cube-routed

- Note that remote cube-routed instance will usually have an identical
    configuration file, except remote_mgmt_ip and remote_data_ip will
	point to this instance


- Make sure both mgmt_interface (usually tun1) and data_interface (tun0)
    are up.
- Start cube-routed as root: # /usr/local/sbin/cube-routed /etc/cube1.conf
    (root powers are required to adjust system routing tables)
- cube-routed will write info and debug messages to syslog (log files
    are usually located under /var/log)


cube-routed was tested and currently is running on Linux (specifically
Debian Etch). It should work on all Linux flavors without changes. It depends
on /bin/netstat and /sbin/route - if both of these have the same interface
and output on your system as they do in Linux, you should be able to run
cube-routed without changes.


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