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Errors out after a DB disconnect
Fix navigation buttons on hires (nexus 7) displays
Tablet view that has combined article list and reading pane
adding a has_column to something not in the schema doeesn't throw an error
Get Dependencies,manifests,etc sorted.
Separate config file for username/password (exposed if error in development env.).
Recent read articles on main page
Special feeds (all,starred)
Able to switch to view read articles in feeds
Daemon for retrieving new articles
Add/Update subscriptions
View all
Carousel so we can preload next article
- Mozilla brick?
- mark read on that page being viewed in js.
DONE - Fix InflateColumn::DateTime::Duration to register on interval data types
DONE - keyboard navigation can go past the end
DONE - be able to star, mark read
DONE - _inflate issue with columns that are "objects"
DONE - create dbic role or extension
DONE - web interface