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Ruby wrapper to Saasu's API

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This gem provide a ruby wrapper to the Saasu api.


Originally started by Keiran Johnson this version of the Saasu library was forked and is now maintained by Agworld Pty Ltd. It has a significant number of new features including creating and updating of Saasu entities.


gem install saasu

Getting Started

Usage is currently limited to fetching invoices.

Firstly setup the library with your api_key and file_uid

Saasu::Base.api_key  = key
Saasu::Base.file_uid = uid

To fetch all invoices

invoices = Saasu::Invoice.all

By default all sales purchases are retrieved as this field is required.

You can pass in any conditions as a hash. The keys should be in snake case.

invoices = Saasu::Invoice.all(:transaction_type => "p", :paid_status => "Unpaid")

For a complete list of supported options see the Saasu API Reference

To fetch a single invoice by its uid

invoice = Saasu::Invoice.find(uid)


Copyright (c) 2013 Agworld Pty Ltd. See LICENSE for details.

Original Portions - Copyright (c) 2011 Kieran Johnson.

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