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1.0 - Jan 14th 2010
* Refactoring using a new regex
* Update tests
* Remove gemspec
0.5.3 - Jul 22th 2009
* Plugin structure updated by Gabriel Sobrinho
* Refactoring of tests (but is that working?)
* Gem'ified again
0.5.2 - Jun 02nd 2009
* Use i18n by Gabriel Sobrinho
0.5.1 - Aug 15th 2008
* Repackaged original plugin by Ximon Eighteen for GitHub
* Gem'ified plugin
0.1.4 - May 26th 2006
* Thijs van der Vossen fixed a plugin load issue in the test suite and
provided another test to illustrate that test@example is considered
valid by RFC822, something most people wouldn't realise.
0.1.3 - May 9th 2006
* Thijs van der Vossen contributed some test cases.
0.1.2 - April 24th 2006
* Dan Kubb and Tim Fletcher have updated the RFC822 regular expression
on Tims website so I've put the latest version into this plugin. The
changes prevent matching of email addresses containing line breaks.
0.1.1 - April 23rd 2006
* Huge code cleanup & simplification by Dan Kubb.
* Credit Tim Fletcher with the Ruby version of the RFC822 regular
0.1.0 - April 4th 2006
* First release, advertised on the Rails plugins page:
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