Blacklist to block XMPP / Jabber spammers (ejabberd formats)
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generated Add more spammers Sep 25, 2017

Server blacklist to block spamming XMPP / Jabber servers in ejabberd.

spammers.yml contains a list of known spamming XMPP servers. Based on this generted/blacklist.cfg contains a ejabberd configuration in Erlang format

You can paste this verbatim into your ejabberd.cfg (legacy format) or use include_config_file if you have a more recent version.

You also need:

{s2s_default_policy, allow}.

to allow all other hosts.

generated/blacklist.yml contains the same hosts in yaml format.

If you want this list updated please create a PR to update spammers.yml and have all the details in the commit message.

See this nice talk by Mickaël Rémond has more tips howto fight XMPP spam.