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(defconst ag-lang-tools-packages
:location (recipe :fetcher github :repo "agzam/mw-thesaurus.el")
;; local
;; sdcv-mode is for browsing Stardict format dictionaries in Emacs
;; to get Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary
;; 1) download it from
;; 2) unzip it twice and put into ~/.stardict/dic
;; 3) Install sdcv, a command-line utility for accessing StarDict dictionaries
;; you can find more dicts in stardict format here:
;; don't get the package from MELPA - it's been reported broken
(sdcv-mode :location (recipe
:fetcher github
:repo "gucong/emacs-sdcv"))
(emacs-grammarly :location (recipe
:fetcher github
:repo "mmagnus/emacs-grammarly"))))
(defun ag-lang-tools/init-mw-thesaurus ()
(use-package mw-thesaurus
:demand t
(define-key mw-thesaurus-mode-map [remap evil-record-macro] #'mw-thesaurus--quit)
"xlm" #'mw-thesaurus-lookup-at-point
"xAg" #'add-global-abbrev
"xAl" #'add-mode-abbrev)))
(defun ag-lang-tools/init-sdcv-mode ()
(use-package sdcv-mode
:demand t
(add-hook 'sdcv-mode-hook 'spacemacs/toggle-visual-line-navigation-on)
(defun sdcv-search-at-point ()
(sdcv-search (ag/region-or-word-at-point-str) nil nil t))
(spacemacs/set-leader-keys "xll" #'sdcv-search-at-point)
(evil-define-key 'normal sdcv-mode-map "q" #'sdcv-return-from-sdcv)
(evil-define-key 'normal sdcv-mode-map "n" #'sdcv-next-entry)
(evil-define-key 'normal sdcv-mode-map "p" #'sdcv-previous-entry)
(evil-define-key 'normal sdcv-mode-map (kbd "RET") #'sdcv-search-at-point)
(evil-define-key 'normal sdcv-mode-map "a" #'sdcv-search-at-point)))
(defun ag-lang-tools/init-emacs-grammarly ()
(use-package emacs-grammarly
"xlg" #'grammarly-save-region-and-run)))
(setq ispell-program-name "aspell")
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