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Edit mode for EXWM

Similar to atomic-chrome

except this package is made to work with EXWM and it works with any editable element of any app

The idea is very simple - when you invoke the edit, it simulates C-a + C-c (select all & copy), or simply C-c if you already have something pre-selected. Then it opens a buffer and yanks (pastes) the content so you can edit it, after you done - it grabs (now edited text) and pastes back to where it’s started


Now that opens interesting possibilities, for example:

  • when typing in ChromeDevTools console, you can initiate exwm-edit, then change major mode to whatever your favorite javascript mode is, have all the JS syntax highlighting, flycheck, etc;
  • you can edit GitHub issues and wiki pages using markdown-mode and use your syntax checker and thesaurus;
  • quickly modify url in browser address bar using multiple-cursors and regexp-replace things;
  • edit and modify code snippets with ease in Slack;
  • etc. and etc.


Default keybindings are just like in Org-mode (for editing source blocks):

C-c '​ or C-c C-'​ - edit

C-c '​ or C-c C-c - finish editing

C-c C-k - cancel editing


You can use hooks to set desired mode, etc, e.g.:

(use-package exwm-edit
  (defun ag-exwm/on-exwm-edit-compose ()
    (funcall 'markdown-mode))

  (add-hook 'exwm-edit-compose-hook 'ag-exwm/on-exwm-edit-compose))