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C/C++ Header to Markdown converter (h2md)
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C/C++ Header to Markdown converter (h2md)

Small utility for generating markdown file from block comments in C/C++ source code.

library.h  →  [h2md]  →

Basic idea is that you already have markdown text in block comment of your code and you want to take them into separate file.

This tool is far away from doxygen or other proper documentation generators. I want small tool for documenting trivial Arduino library. I realize that I unintentionally already writing markdown into comments. So, I need to just take them out…



Get application. Requires node.js and npm to be installed on computer.

git clone && cd h2md
npm install

Run it

node h2md -p cpp -o library.h

Theory of operation

h2md works in 3 steps:

  1. Take block comment (beginning with /**) from file plus one following line of code.
  2. Apply patterns to block according to that one line of code (if not empty). Patterns are in libs.
  3. Go block by block and
    • If code line is empty, just put content of block to output file.
    • If code line is not empty, make md header from it and then put content of block.
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