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ahaDRONE Datasheet

Drone with Most Innovations

Dear Enthusiast,

ahaDRONE is a versatile fully hackable quadcopter project, all digital assets including airframe design, hardware and software are either developed using open source projects or have been open sourced. The project is also available as a build and fly kit with many features and functionality only found in high end drones yet practical enough to modify using some glue, paper cutter and a few lines of code. All up weight of the functional drone is around 245 grams, has been designed by striking a balance between UAV regulations and practical aspirations of a drone developer, the user is required to comply with all the prevailing regulations. The nimble drone has a builtin webserver which enables a WiFi remote controller to navigate the drone. The drone can be modified both in code and configuration for specific mission objectives. ahaDRONE is more than just a combination of Quadcopter frame, BLDC motors, ESC, Propellers and Flight Controller, it’s many innovations in one.

Fly Safe
  Srinivasulu Reddy


  • Build and Fly Kit
  • Open source airframe, flight controller hardware and software
  • Ergonomic flat pack, no external tools are required
  • High quality components
  • Advanced engineering material
  • Lightweight airframe designed using CAD tools
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Fully customizable

Technical Data

Electrical parameters

Parameter Value
Flight controller operating voltage 5v
Battery type LiPo 2S
Battery Capacity 1200mAh
Battery voltage 7.4V
Operating temperature 0 to 40 degree C
ESC max operating voltage 12V
Motor KV rating 2280KV

Mechanical Parameter

Parameter Value
LxBxH with guard 422mm, 422mm, 94mm
LxBxH without guard 228mm, 228mm, 89mm
Weight with guard 290g
Weight without guard 230g
Diagonal Size 230mm
Weight (Including Battery And Propeller) 413g
Weight (Without Battery And Propeller) Diagonal Size 280g

Kit includes

Contents Nos
Airframe Paperboards 8
Brushless DC Motors 4
Electronic Speed Controllers 4
aha PILOT Flight Controller 1
LiPo Battery 1
Propellers 12
Wiring Harness 1
Velcro Strap 1
Accessories 1

ahaDRONE User Manual

Drone with Most Innovations

Table of contents


Dear customer,

Thank you for purchasing ahaDRONE with integrated aha pilot. Go through the instructions in the user manual before you proceed in order to operate the product safely



Safety Information

NOTE: Please read Warning and Precaution Before assembly and operation.

WARNING: CUTTING HAZARD. Rotating of propellers may cut or cause damage to the skin.
WARNING: ENTANGLEMENT HAZARD. Secure long hair, loose clothing or jewellery when building, testing and operating aha drone.
WARNING: EYE HAZARDS. Always wear eye protection when assembling, soldering, operating or repairing aha drone
  • Follow the instructions carefully; incorrect assembly of ahaDRONE could cause risk of equipment failure, personal injury to you or others, and property damage
  • Ensure initial electronic speed controller (ESC) programming before installing the propeller
  • Remove propeller before reprogramming the ESC
  • Check for connection establishment between aha drone with a web app control to operate. Remove propellers before testing with a different controller
  • ahaDRONE can be operated indoors with sacrificial guard and outdoor away from crowded areas. All observers should stand at a safe distance behind the operator

Safety Precautions:

  • Keep yourself away from the rotating blades whenever the battery is connected.
  • Keep hands, hair, and loose clothing away from the rotor when power is turned on.
  • Never hold flying drone on your hand while lifting up. Stay away from the obstacles and electrical hazards.
  • Make a best judgement to avoid harming yourself or others, causing damage to your own property or to other's property.
  • According to the DGCA the legal age to fly the drone is 18 years and above with requisite knowledge.
  • Choose the proper area for flying away from buildings, trees and power lines
  • Maintain a safe distance from people & pets while flying.
  • Correctly install all the components so that model operates safely both on land and in the air.
  • Regularly inspect any damages to plugs, motors, propellers, battery and other parts before each flight. If the propellers have been damaged, replace the damaged parts before flying.

Battery warning and Guide lines

  • Always unplug battery either from the charger or quad copter after use. Never keep the battery plugged to the copter.
  • Don’t charge the battery if it becomes hot.
  • Keep the battery to charge at room temperature. Do not discharge the battery completely that may cause damage to the battery.
  • Do not expose the battery to direct sunlight, there is a risk that the battery may overheat or ignite or explode.
  • Do not allow the battery to get wet.
  • Never allow the battery temperature to exceed 40 degree Celsius.
  • Do not use swollen batteries

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the usage of the product which has been modified or changed. Customer shall be solely responsible for operation of the product in accordance with federal, state, or local laws and regulations related to the UAV systems flights rules and regulations.


ahaDRONE is a versatile hackable open source hardware and software device with high end features and functionality, which comes under nano class technology with the latest model which is strong, stiff, rigid and light material to reduce weight and increase maneuverability. It is controlled manually by web app. The benefits of this system are a stable platform with no mechanical linkages for a small maneuverable and agile drone. ahaDRONE brings a great combination of Quad frame, BLDC motors, 4-in-1 ESC, Propellers and Flight Controller.

ahaDRONE Diagram

  1. Frame
  2. Propeller
  3. Motor

Kit Includes

Kit content

Quantity Description How the parts look like
12 Propellers
8 wedding.jpg
4 BLDC Motor
1 4in1 ESC
1 Battery
1 Velcro Strap
1 Allen Key


Flight Controller:

  • Atmega328 Microcontroller.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi Radio control and Telemetry
  • OTA firmware update
  • Open source Software Autopilot
  • Open source Hardware Flight Controller
  • Arduino tool chain compatible


  • 3 - Axis Accelerometer
  • 3 - Axis Gyroscope
  • 3 - Axis Magnetometer
  • Barometric pressure sensor

Hardware Interfaces:

  • 1x UART Serial Port
  • 4x I2C header
  • SPI header
  • ICSP header
  • Micro USB
  • 3 pin JST-XH Battery connector
  • Works with most PPM sum receiver for radio control

Power System:

  • 1500mAh 2S Lithium ion Battery with Pigtail RC connector
  • Battery level indicator

Physical Dimensions:

  • 228mm, 228mm, 89mm L, B, H - Without sacrificial guard
  • 230g -without sacrificial guard
  • 422, 422, 94 L, B, H - With indoor sacrificial guard
  • 290g - With indoor sacrificial guard

Flight Time:

  • 5 to10 Min

Instructions for Assembling the quad copter configuration


  • Read the entire assembly instructions before beginning.
  • Assembly and testing takes about eight hours on average.
  • If you are missing any components, gather all of the items and tools required.
  • Charge your LiPo batteries with their charger

Tools Required

  • Allen Key to fix motor

Additional Items Required

  • Tab or Mobile phone.
  • LiPo Battery,1000mAh 3S 30 C discharge rate


  • Color of frame: Brown
  • Model: X5C
  • Size of the propeller is 5x3inches
  • Frame size: 228mm, 228mm, 89mm L, B, H - Without sacrificial guard 422, 422, 94 L, B, H - With indoor sacrificial guard
  • EMax MT1806 2280KV brushless motor
  • Battery with 1000mAh/3S-30C
  • Flying Time: 5-10 Minute
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