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COMP 23 - Game development (S14) Group project
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Collaborators: Sam Weiss, Harry O'Sullivan, David Pointeau

Last updated: 3/28/14

Demo video: Link

Ever felt like you were about to implode after a hefty mexican meal? Is there an internal war going on your stomach? Is there a growing microbe feeding on what you eat? Microburst is the game for you!

Microburst is a game that takes place in your stomach. The user will control the movement (up, down, left, right) of a hungry germ. This germ either grows in size when it eats a “good-type” of nutriment or down-sizes when it collides with another germ or another unwanted element.

The protagonist germ is restricted in space by your stomach. Stomachs represent different environnements. When the protagonist germ successfully eats all the good nutriments and reaches a desirable size, it BURSTS out of the stomach and carries-on to devour its previous host.

If the protagonist germ becomes too small as a result of colliding with bigger germs, it vanishes into the endless abyss of gastric acid. The user loses the game.

Then on, the germ moves on to the next level and finds another host stomach to satisfy its insatiable hunger. Every stomach is different and every host eats different types of food.

The variation in the environment and in the elements present in the stomach will determine the difficulty of a specific level.

All graphics and music were our original work.

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