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Getb2g is a python package intended to make downloading the latest B2G nightly simple. It was designed with automated testing in mind, but can be used for anything that requires a B2G nightly build.


Simply specify the username, password, a list of keywords and date (optional) to get the latest nightly build.

From command line:

getb2g --user <username> --key <keyword1> --key <keyword2> --output-file <path_to_save_zip> --date <YYYY-MM-DD>

From script:

import getb2g
print getb2g.find_url(user, passwd, keys, date=None)                        # prints the url
print getb2g.save_as(user, passwd, keys, savepath, date=None, silent=False) # prints full path to downloaded zip

For example to get otoro eu builds from the 19th of September, run:

getb2g --user <username> --key otoro --key eu --date 2012-09-19 -o
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