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Project specific vim configurations for hackers. Checks your project's directory for .vimjectsrc files and sources them.

For example, you can add autocommands that automatically runs your project's build command on save, specific to each project.


  • Recursively searches the filesystem for .vimjectrc and .vimjectrcbuf files and sources them
  • Rudimentary security features
  • Completely customizable to your needs


Vimjects is compatible with Pathogen and other Vim addon managers. I personally use vim-plug

Just add

Plug 'ahalbert/vimjects'

between the Plug calls in your .vimrc.

##Using Vimjects Add a .vimjectrc file with the extra configuration options in the directory of your project.

Vimjects will confirm you want to source this file before doing so.

By default, Vimjects will stop after sourcing 1 file. Calling vimjects#continueSourcing() in your .vimjectsrc when sourcing will tell Vimjects to source the next file.

##Configuration options


Values: 1 or 0

If set to 1, source all files given by the function without using vimjects#continueSourcing. If 0, require vimjects#continueSourcing() to source next file.

Default: 0


Values: 1 or 0

If set to 1, ask for confirmation if file has never been loaded or been changed since last loaded. If set to 0, file is sourced without prompting

The hashes check if the file has changed since previous

Default: 1


Values: Function signature

Function to be used to determine what files to source. Takes any number of args, and returns a list of files to source. If empty, will do nothing.

Default: vimjects#sourceRecursive


Copyright (c) Armand Halbert. Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself. See :help license.


Project specific configurations in vim



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