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Sector is an easy to use database migration suite without. This is inspired by the sqlalchemy-migrate python library which I have missed coming from python.


This is a new library and all contribution is greatly appreciated.


First we need to create a repository which contains the SQL files we want to version for upgrade/downgrades. In this example we will put them into /tmp/repo. We start by issuing the following command: mkdir -p /tmp/repo /tmp/repo/versions

Next we edit /tmp/repo/sector.cfg and add the following text: [main] repository_id = Sector Test

Now lets create some versions, lets create /tmp/repo/versions/001_upgrade.sql and make it look like: CREATE TABLE testie( id serial PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL, age integer NOT NULL UNIQUE, description varchar(255) );

And now /tmp/repo/versions/001_downgrade.sql DROP TABLE testie;

Integrating with the Sector library

The Sector.dll has no additional dependencies and is the recommended way of using Sector. The easiest way is to obtain an IDbConnection and pass it to Sector.

var sectorDb = new SectorDb(connection);
var repository = new Repository("/path/to/sector/repository");
var migrateApi = new MigrateApi(sectorDb);

// Put the repo under version control

// Upgrade to the latest

// Downgrade back to zero
migrateApi.Downgrade(repository, 0);

Using the Sector Tool

In this example we are using PostgreSQL so we'll need to have the Npgsql driver in the current directory or in the GAC. This will require you to put the right assembly in the app config Sector.Tool.exe.config.

$ mono Sector.Tool.exe --repository-path=/tmp/repo --dbuser=ahall --dbpass=temp123 --dbhost=localhost --dbtype=postgresql --dbname=sector_test migrate_ve

rsion 1 migrate_version only tells us what is the latest version available in the repository, it does not ask the database. Now lets do the db part and start by putt ing our database under revision control.

$ mono Sector.Tool.exe --repository-path=/tmp/repo --dbuser=ahall --dbpass=temp123 --dbhost=localhost --dbtype=postgresql --dbname=sector_test migrate_version_control
$ mono Sector.Tool.exe --repository-path=/tmp/repo --dbuser=ahall --dbpass=temp123 --dbhost=localhost --dbtype=postgresql --dbname=sector_test migrate_db_version

First we put the database under the revision control given the repository we created, after that's done the database is at version 0. Now lets upgrade. The upgrade command by default upgrades to the latest version, you can however pass it --version to change the version upgrading to.

$ mono Sector.Tool.exe --repository-path=/tmp/repo --dbuser=ahall --dbpass=temp123 --dbhost=localhost --dbtype=postgresql --dbname=sector_test migrate_upgrade
$ mono Sector.Tool.exe --repository-path=/tmp/repo --dbuser=ahall --dbpass=temp123 --dbhost=localhost --dbtype=postgresql --dbname=sector_test migrate_db_version

Now we are going to downgrade back to 0

$ mono Sector.Tool.exe --repository-path=/tmp/repo --dbuser=ahall --dbpass=temp123 --dbhost=localhost --dbtype=postgresql --dbname=sector_test --version 0 migrate_downgrade
$ mono Sector.Tool.exe --repository-path=/tmp/repo --dbuser=ahall --dbpass=temp123 --dbhost=localhost --dbtype=postgresql --dbname=sector_test migrate_db_version