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NOTICE: I am no longer contributing major features to this project. If you're interested in becoming a collabtorator or taking over the project, please comment on this issue:


node-ironio is a Node.js client for IronMQ, IronWorker, and IronCache. See for more details. node-ironio is inspired by seebees' ironmq module:


npm install node-ironio


var ironio = require('node-ironio')('OAuth token')
  , project = ironio.projects('Project ID');

// IronMQ
var q = project.queues('myqueue');

// Get a message
q.get(function(err, message) {
  // do something with the message
  // then delete it
  message.del(function(err) {

  // need more time?
  // touch the message
  message.touch(function(err) {


  // can't process the message
  // release the message
  message.release(function(err) {


// Enqueue a message'message', function(err, res) {


// IronCache
var c = project.caches('mycache');

// Add an item to the cache
c.put('key', 'value', function(err) {


// Get an item from the cache
c.get('key', function(err, val) {
  // do something with the val

// IronWorker

// Enqueue a task
                      code_name: 'code name',
                      payload: 'payload',
                      priority: 0,
                      delay: 0,
                      label: 'label name',
                      cluster: 'default'
                    function(err, res) {


See the test directory for more examples.

Future Work

  • IronWorker code package endpoints
  • CI for uploading IronWorker modules
  • Better configuration handling
  • More documentation and examples