Leaflet plugin control to select and load countries from johan's world.geo.json file.
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Leaflet plugin control to select and load countries from johan's world.geo.json file.




An optional title for the first entry. Defaults to "Country". Set as an empty string to omit entirely.

var select = L.countrySelect({title:'Pick a country!'});


An array of country names from list. If defined, ONLY these countries will be loaded into the select menu.

var select = L.countrySelect({include:southAmericanCountries}).addTo(map);


An array of country names to ommit from list. Must exactly match the names used by the control.

var select = L.countrySelect({exclude:coldCountries}).addTo(map);


The country list is stored in L.CountrySelect.countries as a key/value object with key = Country Name and value = GeoJSON feature. This list is used by default, unless a new one is supplied (useful for creating a a dropdown of different regions you supply).

//Version a) Update the main list of countries

L.CountrySelect.countries = {/*new-list-of-countries*/};

//Version b) Update the list used by this CountrySelect instance only

var select = L.countrySelect({countries:medievalCountries}).addTo(map);

Event Listener: Change

This control can listen on a 'change' event. The returned event includes a 'feature' variable, which contains the GeoJSON feature matching the newly selected country. The demo, shown below, adds the selected country as a feature to the map, and removes it once a new entry is selected.

var select = L.countrySelect().addTo(map);

select.on('change', function(e){
    if(e.feature === undefined){ //No action when the first item ("Country") is selected
    var country = L.geoJson(e.feature);
    if (this.previousCountry != null){
    this.previousCountry = country;



(Note: this.previousCountry is not a part of the control, just created for this eventHandler to keep track of the prior feature created)