Download stories from the LexisNexis WSK API with rate limits
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Download stories from the LexisNexis WSK API (if you must) with rate limits

pip install pika

sudo apt-get install -y rabbitmq-server
service rabbitmq-server start

python will read source_list.csv and use it to populate a RabbitMQ queue.

Check what's in each queue and what's been acknowledged from each:

sudo rabbitmqctl list_queues name messages_ready messages_unacknowledged will pull sources from the queue, download them, format them, and load them into MongoDB. A parameter set in the code limits the total number of articles the worker will download before shutting off. Use bash to start multiple workers and run them in the background. For extra speed, multiple workers can use the same username and password, just make sure to adjust the worker source limit accordingly.


The customer service I experienced from LexisNexis was terrible: rude, slow, and technically uninformed. I'd strongly consider other providers if they're available.