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Python library for manipulating bagit files.
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PyBagIt Version 1.5

This module helps with creating an managing BagIt-compliant packages. It has
been created to conform to BagIt v0.96.

Documentation is available at 
Code hosting is available on GitHub at

Tested with Python 2.6+ (2.5 or lower will probably not work.)
No external modules required.
Module has not been tested on Windows.

Running Tests
There are a number of unit tests written to verify that this module functions
as expected. To run this, simply type

python test

in the package directory. NOTE: You will need a network connection to verify
the 'fetch' tests. If you don't have a network connection you can skip these 
tests by commenting them out in ''

Setup and Install
To install this module, simply run:

python install (you may need to run this as a privileged user, e.g. 'sudo')

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