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  • Fix bug whereby a serializer using 'options' would blow up.


  • Attributes can now have optional types.

  • A new DefaultSerializer ensures that POROs behave the same way as ActiveModels.

  • If you wish to override ActiveRecord::Base#to_Json, you can now require 'active_record/serializer_override'. We don't recommend you do this, but many users do, so we've left it optional.

  • Fixed a bug where ActionController wouldn't always have MimeResponds.

  • An optinal caching feature allows you to cache JSON & hashes that AMS uses. Adding 'cached true' to your Serializers will turn on this cache.

  • URL helpers used inside of Engines now work properly.

  • Serializers now can filter attributes with only and except:, only: [:first_name, :last_name]), except: :first_name)
  • Basic Mongoid support. We now include our mixins in the right place.

  • On Ruby 1.8, we now generate an id method that properly serializes id columns. See issue #127 for more.

  • Add an alias for scope method to be the name of the context. By default this is current_user. The name is automatically set when using serialization_scope in the controller.

  • Pass through serialization options (such as :include) when a model has no serializer defined.


  • embed_key option to allow embedding by attributes other than IDs
  • Fix rendering nil with custom serializer
  • Fix global self.root = false
  • Add support for specifying the serializer for an association as a String
  • Able to specify keys on the attributes method
  • Serializer Reloading via ActiveSupport::DescendantsTracker
  • Reduce double map to once; Fixes datamapper eager loading.


  • Serialize sets properly
  • Add root option to ArraySerializer
  • Support polymorphic associations
  • Support :each_serializer in ArraySerializer
  • Add scope method to easily access the scope in the serializer
  • Fix regression with Rails 3.2.6; add Rails 4 support
  • Allow serialization_scope to be disabled with serialization_scope nil
  • Array serializer should support pure ruby objects besides serializers

VERSION 0.5.0 (May 16, 2012)

  • First tagged version
  • Changes generators to always generate an ApplicationSerializer