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Billing for Rails

Build Status

This project wraps up the Billing into a nice package for use in Rails controllers.

Its primary purpose is to ensure that credit & debits are only applied if the response returns successfully. This model works if multiple charges or debits may be applied during one request. If some code somewhere else raise an exception, your accounts will be reset back to their initial state. For example, you debit the account for adding a user. However the sign up mailer raises an error. Without proper handling the account will have unproper debit. This handles this case.

billing-rails also defines a current_tab method in your ApplicationController. However, you will have to define method yourself to get rid of the error message :D

What It Does

  1. Undoes credits & debits if the response does not return successfully (Reponse code >= 400)
  2. Automatically capture Billing::NotEnoughFund errors and return a 402 (Payment Required) status code
  3. Treat ActionController::Base as a Billing::Tab


# in your Gemfile

gem 'billing-rails'


# Using a before filter to check to see if the request
# can even happen. 
class BillableResourceController < ApplicationController
  before_filter :check_balance, :only => :create

  def create
    # do stuff

  def check_balanace
    raise Billing::NotEnoughFunds unless debit_authorized?(:billable_resource)

# Using multiple debits
class BillableResourceController < ApplicationController

  # Debits will be undone if save throws an 
  # error (or any other peice of code does)
  def create
    debit :billable_resource
    if should_do_more_stuff?
      debit :additional_reource


This project rocks and uses MIT-LICENSE.